The Fanalyst is a sports talk show interviewing fans on the street, getting their reactions opinions, and analysis to the latest sports news. Each episode has five potential “fanalysts” who answer topical questions about the latest happenings of their local sports teams. At the end of each episode, the host wrap up the episode and encourage viewers to vote for their favorite “fanalyst.”

Playmakers Creative is a full service boutique agency and production company specializing in custom content for the sports industry. We are fast, we are funny and we are very efficient.

Our content is designed to take the level of loyalty that exists between a team and their fans and duplicate that same level of loyalty between fans and their team’s sponsors.

Our customers are sports franchises and organizations – professional, collegiate, or minor league that need to:
• Activate sponsorships of their smaller and mid-level partners onto multimedia platforms
• Create truly unique advertising and promotion
• Offer something that has never been done before

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