The son of a Wisconsin pastor, Ashley “Coop” Cooper found success on Wall Street and then as an entrepreneur and real estate developer, ultimately becoming the head of the Trump Golf empire. This turned his address book into a who’s who of the world’s most successful people. Ashley calls this unbelievable collection of people: friends. With and through these friends, Ashley has an unmatched level of access to the world.

Now, Ashley is looking to pass the lessons he’s learned to his son Griffin and teach him how he can connect people to create experiences of a lifetime. Together, father and son will embark on an unexpected, incredible journey, teaching Griffin the value of every relationship, every experience and every person that enters his life. Together, they will be able to meet anyone, go anywhere, do anything.

“If You Could Do Anything…” is a global media and e-commerce brand, that inspires us to dream, define and actually create the greatest moments of our lives. Meet anyone, go anywhere, do anything.

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